Basics about beef

basics about beef booklet

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cost per serving worksheet

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crossword puzzle

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fill in the chart- histogram

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find the answers- coloring

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true or false

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Beef Cookery 

beef cookery

24 page booklet with instructions for cooking methods

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beef cooking videos

Beef It's Whats for Dinner YouTube channel with cooking videos

Link to videos

beef nutrition resources

powerful protein

Fact sheet talking about high quality protein and its benefits.

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surprising facts about beef

Two-page fact sheet addressing 7 myths about lean beef.

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beef's top 10

List of beef's top 10 nutrients and their functions. 

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Grain vs grass beef

Two-page fact sheet comparing different production practices and the impact on nutrition quality. 

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beef cut chart

Beef cut chart with cooking methods. 

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protein benefits

Protein from beef has a variety of benefits as a low-calorie source of protein as compared to other sources. 

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