The following process may be used after the ND state beef checkoff is collected for producers that choose to refund the state $1 per head ND beef checkoff.  A producer may request a refund application within 60 days after the date of the sale of cattle upon which the ND state beef checkoff was collected.     

This request may be made:         

 1. Orally, including a phone request or personal office visit        

2. In writing and mailed         

3. Electronically via online form or by email  ([email protected])  

Upon receiving a uniquely numbered refund application form from the ND Beef Commission, the producer must complete the form and return it to the ND Beef Commission together with a copy of the record of the assessment paid, within 90 days after the date of the sale. Detailed directions will be included.     

The completed refund application may be returned to the North Dakota Beef Commission office:          

1.  In person       

2. By mail        

3. In one .pdf file scanned and emailed to the Commission.  ([email protected])  

Contact the North Dakota Beef Commission Office at (701) 328-5120 with any questions or [email protected].