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North Dakota Beef Commission Representatives

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Chairman Vice Chairman Secretary/Treasurer
Mark Wagner Weston Dvorak Travis Maddock
 Beef Producer, Monango  Cattle Feeder, Manning Beef Producer, Davenport
 (701) 320-0422 (701) 260-0499 (701) 541-3834
Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig Fred Helbling Lilah Krebs 
Beef Producer At Large, Amidon Beef Producer, Mandan Dairy Producer, Gladstone
 (701) 575-8007 (701) 400-1880 (701) 483-1024
Matt Lachenmeier Gloria Payne Mark Voll
Livestock Markets, Mandan Beef Producer At Large, Elgin  Beef Producer At Large, Sidney, Mont.
(701) 426-7638  (701) 522-3432 (406) 480-0080


Ex-Officio Members



  Clark Price
Cattle Feeder, Hensler 
(701) 226-8175     

North Dakota Beef Commission Staff

Contact us: (701) 328-5120

Toll-Free: 1-877-321-BEEF



Executive Director Administrative Assistant Office Manager 
 Nancy Jo Bateman Joan Hoovestol Robin Berger

Cattlemen's Beef Board Representatives


 Ray Erbele, Streeter James Schmidt, Menoken