North Dakota Beef Checkoff program

Learn more about the North Dakota State Beef checkoff.

History of the State Checkoff

THEN - In the late 1960’s, a group of North Dakota cattle producers began investing in a voluntary beef checkoff program to utilize the funds in-state as well as collaborate with other beef-producing states to promote beef consumption in population centers of the country. A bill was signed into law by Governor Bill Guy in 1973, ultimately creating the North Dakota beef checkoff and the North Dakota Beef Commission (NDBC). At this time, North Dakota’s beef checkoff collected 10 cents per head. 

From 1973 to 1983, the checkoff rate increased twice, from the original 10 cents to 25 cents and then 50 cents per head. By October of 1986, cattle producers throughout the country saw merit in a coordinated national beef promotion program and the federal Beef Promotion and Research Act, a part of the 1985 Farm Bill, authorized a mandatory national beef checkoff program at the rate of $1 per head.  Producers voted and approved the continuation of this program in 1988.

NOW - The national beef checkoff remains a mandatory $1-per-head assessment that supports beef demand-building programs on a state, national and international basis. 

In 2015, North Dakota cattle producers who recognized the value of the checkoff’s promotion, research and education efforts returned to North Dakota’s Legislative Assembly with the idea of adding a new, refundable dollar to the mandatory $1-per-head national checkoff assessment. This state dollar is also overseen by the beef producer directors of the NDBC.

North Dakota Beef Commission Remittance Form

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2020 Annual Report

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The North Dakota State Beef Checkoff Refund Process

The following process may be used after the ND state beef checkoff is collected for producers that choose to refund the state $1 per head ND beef checkoff.    

A producer may request a refund application within 60 days after the date of the sale of cattle upon which the ND state beef checkoff was collected.    

This request may be made:

  1.  Orally, including a phone request or personal office visit 
  2.  In writing and mailed 
  3.  Electronically via email 

Upon receiving a uniquely numbered refund application form from the ND Beef Commission, the producer must complete the form and return it to the ND Beef Commission together with a copy of the record of the assessment paid, within 90 days after the date of the sale. Detailed directions will be included.   

The completed refund application may be returned to the North Dakota Beef Commission office: 

  1. In person
  2. By mail  
  3. In one .pdf file scanned and emailed to the Commission.   

Contact the North Dakota Beef Commission Office at (701) 328-5120 with any questions or [email protected]

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