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North Dakota Beef Checkoff went into effect Aug. 1, 2015. 

All cattle sold in and from North Dakota are now subject to the mandatory National $1-per-head Beef Checkoff as well as North Dakota's new, refundable beef checkoff. To read North Dakota's checkoff law, click here.

Interactive games make learning about beef, math and science, fun!

"My American Farm," funded in part by the checkoff, features free ag-themed games and educator resources. 

Conquer the Cold with CHILI!

From spicy to simply satisfying, here are several beef chili recipes you need to try!

Appetizers worth sharing!

From company parties, to entertaining guests at home, these beef appetizers will delight guests.

Slow cooker sensations:

Though the weather may be cooler, you can still come home to deliciously hot beef.

Beef for Breakfast:

As North Dakota kids head back to school, fill them up with a beefy breakfast!

Antibiotic stewardship is not new to cattle ranchers:

North Dakota ranchers take antibiotic use in livestock very seriously.